Business Activity Tracker BAT download

Does the word GOAL scare you? Yeah, it used to scare me too. But geez, you have to have a
destination before you get in the car and drive, right? The Business Activity Tracker (BAT) helps you
outline and track your goals. And don’t forget to get a refresher with the video. One of the best ways
for me to help you is for you to share your weekly BAT with me. It is easy to open it up, save it on
your desktop, fill it in (remember to save it), and then send it to me. OR you can print off 8 copies, fill
it in each day and then just text me a picture of it by 9am Thursday. Hey, I am flexible with how I
receive it, but turning it in is not optional. Believe me, you will thank me at the end. Who has already
filled in their BAT?
Download the free Adobe® Reader on your computer. You will need the updated version in order to
properly use and save the Business Activity Tracker.



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