dem abs challenge

Here are the Details/Rules:


Are you ready to get that toned and tight FLAT BELLY? Tawnya Jean will be guiding you over the next 30 days to jump start achieving that flat, toned and strong belly we are all after! If you STICK to the workouts and the advice and commit to the process you WILL get results! Just in time for summer!


What happens once you accept the challenge?


Once you accept the challenge you will:


1. Have access to daily functional workouts using your OWN body weight that have been organized by Tawnya Jean in an order that will help you get MAXIMUM results.


2. You will receive daily motivation and flat belly tips!


3. You will be given some healthy, gluten free, lean recipe ideas


4. Effective as soon as you join the challenge, you can take advantage of this month’s challenge pack promotions. They are not mandatory on the 30 Day Flat Belly Challenge but will help you get the best maximum results. To view the nutrition, fitness, results driven programs and equipment go HERE: under Shop.


5. You will be given access to a closed Facebook with others on this journey so you can encourage and support others!


6. You will get TOTAL body workouts. We will be working out your WHOLE BODY over the next 30 days but we will be using our CORE throughout everything focusing on achieving that flat belly!


7. You will have the choice to participate in the challenge CONTEST with prizes!


There is not a huge time commitment for the challenge!


• All workouts will be less than 10 minutes a day. EVERYONE has just 10 minutes including you!


• The additional tips, recipes and bonus assignments will take just minutes of your time.


How can you get the BEST results on this 30 day challenge?


The workouts will challenge your muscles and help you to progress towards a better version of YOU. To get the BEST, quickest, most noticeable results on this challenge, it is HIGHLY suggested to use Shakeology throughout the challenge. This is not mandatory but it will greatly help you get the results you are after faster. Throughout the challenge you can get it here: under Shop


Are you IN?


Share this with your friends and ask them to join in as well! If you choose to participate in the CONTEST portion, the three most ACTIVE social sharers throughout the challenge (#hashtagging and sharing their progress, motivating and encouraging others, and working towards results themselves) will be getting some GREAT prizes from Tawnya Jean! EVERYONE will be a winner on this challenge! THREE of you will get the great prizes BUT everyone that DECIDES to take this challenge, COMMITS to the process and STAYS CONSISTENT will get results!


**You’ll be given access to the workouts for the challenge through a closed Facebook group so confirm we are friends CLICK HERE and then join the group






Top 3 challenge winners will receive (read qualifications below)


• $100.00 AMX Gift Card for first place, $50.00 AMX gift card for 2nd place and $25.00 AMX gift card for 3rd place.


• One FREE 4 flavor sampler of Shakeology


• Shakeology Shaker and Shopping Bag


To qualify for the top 3 prizes:


• Must be following Tawnya Jean’s Instagram page: and Facebook Like page:


• Although following Beachbody programs or using Shakeology are not mandatory to do the 30 DAY FREE FLAT BELLY CHALLENGE, to qualify for the challenge prizes you must purchase a CHALLENGE PACK from under Shop.


• You must be posting updates and progress pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #TawnyaMadeMeDoIt


NOTE: Although you don’t have to have your page set to public, if it is sent to PRIVATE , I will not be able to see your post to track your qualifications.


Everyone will be a winner on this challenge regardless as to if you are working towards the prizes or not! You will learn some new exercises and tips and will meet some new friends working towards the same goals along the way!


Fill out your contact information to start:



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