Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Nobody that is successful just ‘sees how it goes’ and gives things a ‘try’; they COMMIT to success!

Did Steve Jobs just try and make an MP3 player and ‘see how it goes’?  Did Oprah ‘try’ to have a good tv show?  Did Michael Jordan ‘try’ to be the best basketball player in the world?  Even if you can’t say it, you know deep down inside the answer to all of the above questions is a resounding NO!

fail upAre you the person who has ‘tried EVERYTHING’, but unable to get results?  If so, then this blog could change your life.  Read on and find out why ‘trying’ isn’t going to get you where you want to go.

You have to DECIDE & COMMIT to something if you REALLY want to SUCCEED.

Quit “trying” and start “committing” – People ‘try’ to make money, run a marathon, lose weight, etc. all the time. But those that COMMIT to it, get the results.  Like they say in my favorite motivational video, “when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful.”

I have a question for you:  what it is that you are REALLY looking for?  Are you looking for results OR are you looking for another excuse so you can FEEL like you attempted something?

It didn’t take you an hour and $50.00 to get the body you are unhappy with now so what makes you think you can FIX the problem with money and a short amount of time? That program you just spent money on is not going to do a dang thing sitting on your bookshelf.  The best workout videos do NOTHING sitting next to your TV.  And even if you DO watch them, if you are sitting on your couch when you do it, they will NOT work!

You need to DO the WORK. That “diet pill” you think will make you a size 6 will NEVER work by itself…no matter HOW expensive it is, or how convincing the commercial was at marketing.

Get your MIND RIGHT!487 profile pic

WHY is it that you want results? Start with your goals – think them through, take some time writing down why and how you plan on achieving them! Make a dream board, visualize what you want to accomplish, and put it out for you and everyone to see! Tell others what you are working to accomplish and COMMIT to it! If you don’t do these exercises first you are bound to fail…but at least you can say ‘I tried’. You have to DO THE WORK first and commit to making things happen before you can make yourself reach that goal.

Visualize it! 

Those individuals that ARE successful have a very clear vision prior to starting on what they are going to accomplish! Nobody that is successful just “sees how it goes”.  They have a CRYSTAL CLEAR vision of what they want to accomplish and they commit to that success!

Quit blaming others

It is NO ONE ELSE’S FAULT that you are out of shape and over weight. It is not the “diet plan” that didn’t work. It is not your “family who doesn’t let you workout” or your “busy job”. It is YOU not doing the work. If you want to blame somebody, go look in the mirror and give that person a pep-talk and swift kick in the bootie!

EXCUSES will NEVER get results, but SOLUTIONS will!

excuses 2I get it. You may have harder circumstances or challenges that others don’t have to face.  Who cares!

Find a way!  CREATE a SOLUTION! As Nike said – JUST DO IT!

No one cares about your “excuses”.  There are tons of people who have been in worse situations than you who have found solutions and created success. They did the work!

Here is the thing, until you realize that you have to COMMIT to a result, NO program is EVER going to work for you. You know why? Because you will NEVER fully put it into action.

Here’s the Deal–

I will help anyone who wants to help themselves FIRST. Just let me know what you want to do. You can keep sharing in excuses with friends who will give you validation, but that won’t get you one step closer to your goals.  When you’re ready to COMMIT and TAKE ACTION head over to learn more about how I can help CLICK HERE


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