Eat your New Years Resolutions for breakfast & choose your challenge!

I know. I have been where you feel. Too many calories and not enough day. Maybe your energy is low. Maybe you aren’t sleeping right. Lack of sleep makes you hungry…and really, really tired.


That’s why when I found a way to stay in shape and fit all my vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into one healthy dose of deliciousness I JUMPED at the chance!! For $4 a day I truly enjoy every last drop and it changed the way my family and I eat!


Maybe you aren’t ready to change your eating habits, maybe you’re afraid to jump right in to one of my full service challenge groups. That’s ok!! Maybe you’re ready to get your bootie kicked?! I HAVE THAT TOO!! I have something for EVERYbody here! Man, woman and child will be able to start at their own pace. Here’s the list with links to my upcoming events:


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21/21/210 Challenge — 21 people, 21 Days, 210 pounds —

Clean Eating for Clear Skin — learn how to prepare healthy meals and find out what foods NEED to be on your grocery list for clearer skin —

Busy Woman’s Challenge — meal planning, prep, free nutrition education, and great for the Mom on the Go! —

5 Day FREE Clean Eating Challenge — detox sugar and unhealthy fats from your diet with the support of our group and coaching from yours truly. —

Rock it like it’s HAUTE — This is for the person looking for a real challenge. Push your physical limits with us and win free workout swag —

FREE! I want ‘dem abs Challenge — 30 days, free workouts, free meal plan, amazing results! —

Where’s the Money? — This 30 day course will help you save the money you need for your new Challenge Pack!! —


No matter what point you’re at now.. I have a place to start. Join me?



21 Day Fix – Day 12 – If you’re tired of starting over, stop quitting.

21 Day Fix - Day 12 - If you're tired of starting over, stop quitting.

Day 12 Gah. Proud and accountable!! It’s not the falling off that hurts so much as the getting back up. On the left I was “too busy” and eating whatever I wanted while occasionally working out. I was being LAZY! And it felt yucky. On the right I am following my own best advice and eating 6 meals a day and working out for 30 minutes a day. NO EXCUSES! And it feels aaahhhhhhmmmmmmmaaaaaaZING! Sometimes you need to remember where you came from. Start back at zero. It’s not fun but it’s a learning process. To learn more about the program I’m using CLICK HERE:

Never Give Up

Never Give Up.

Never Let a Stumble in the Road be the End of the Journey.

There will be haters, doubters, and non-believers. Then there will be you proving them wrong.

transformation PUSH

Ever started? Ever stopped? Ever given up? Only to start again? We all do. Here’s the rub. It’s a mindset. It’s a false end. Eat a fattening meal? Gain 10 pounds? Run 3 miles? Skip dessert.

These are all paths, struggles, triumphs, roadblocks and victories. The key is in knowing YOU CAN KEEP GOING! Don’t like starting over? Don’t give up.

I started my Beachbody fitness journey in 2013. I have always yo-yo’d between fit and fat. I have every size jean from 0-10 in my closet. I’m my own worst saboteur when it comes to eating, working out, and will power. After 60 days of Insanity I had a huge transformation. I started coaching and got really involved in leading my team and not by example.

The holidays came and went. And I was back in my un-comfort zone. Fat jeans. Mac n cheese. Skipping workouts. I stopped taking care of myself. I forgot the reason I was so in love with coaching was the accountability it set for ME!

Guess what? This is a lifestyle and NOT a quick fix. My final picture is from my start of the 21 Day Fix 2 weeks ago. I’m going on my earned Beachbody cruise to Cozumel and Grand Cayman on the Royal Caribbean cruise line at the end of this month and can’t wait to reveal the hard, toned, and tightened machine that I’m working on!

Do I want to be “perfect”

or do I want to be FIT?

Strong is the new sexy.

For accountability I’m going to post a picture every Thursday morning. I’m going to stick to my meal plans and my workouts with strength and determination. I’m going to find my abs again. I have an amazing group of Fixers on Facebook that I want to WOW with my results. I’m so proud of their hard work and want to run that victory right alongside them cheering them on as they lose 5, 10, 15, 50 pounds…

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with that first step. Ready to take yours?? Are you prepared to change your health, wellness, and lifestyle? I start a select number of challenges each month and only approve those willing to step outside of their comfort zone and embrace doing things they have never done.

If you want to apply for the next spot or get more information, CLICK HERE: BEACHBODY CHALLENGE or you can leave your contact info here:

Week #6 Muddy Madness Training

We are 2 weeks out from our Muddy Madness Run in Buellton, CA! Woot Woot! Excited but nervous. I’ve never done a mud run before! Can I handle it? I don’t even like dirt.

Here’s my schedule:

Mon – T25 Dynamic Core, run 2 miles

Tues – TurboFire Fire55

Wed – Hill Sprints


Thu – Run 5 miles

Fri – T25 Ab Intervals, T25 Core Speed

Sat – P90X Yoga, Run 3 miles

Are you headed for one soon? What are you doing to train?


Week #4 Fitness Training for Muddy Madness and Color Me Rad


2 events within 2 weeks of each other… I must be MAD! Or just MADLY in love with my workouts lately!! Need help coming up with your own routine? Shoot me an email and I can help you out! Meals or Fitness!!

I’m always looking for workout buddies near and far!!

Here’s my schedule:
M- TurboFire Low HIIT 25
T- TurboFire Fire 55
W- T25 Lower Focus/Run 2 miles
Th- Run 3 miles
F- T25 Dynamic Core/Upper Focus

M-P90X Chest & Back/Cycle 10 miles
T- P90X Synergistics
W- Run 3 miles
Th- P90X Shoulders & Biceps
F- Cycle 15 miles

Go get sweaty!

Dirty Diamonds Muddy Madness Training Week #2 almost in the books!

Dirty Diamonds Muddy Madness Training Week #2 almost in the books!

#getsweaty!! His and Hers training schedule for our goal to get through Muddy Madness with our team on October 5th!!

Monday- Run 1 mile/Insanity Max Cardio Circuit
Tuesday- T25 Dynamic Core/P90X Ab Ripper X
Wednesday- TurboFire Fire40/Stretch 10/Run 2 miles
Thursday- TurboFire Burn Circuit/Stretch 10/Power 90 bootcamp Ab 200
Friday- T25 Lower Focus/Speed 2.0/Run 1 mile
Saturday- Run 3 miles/P90X Yoga

Monday- P90X shoulders & back
Tuesday- T25 Core Cardio
Wednesday- P90X Core Synergistics
Thursday- Run 3 miles/Bike 15 miles
Friday- T25 Lower Focus/Speed 2.0
Saturday- Run 3 miles/Bike 15 miles

And on Sunday WE REST! 😉

Have a GREAT Labor Day Weekend!!!

Training for Muddy Madness and Color Me Rad Week #1

Tom and I signed up for Muddy Madness in October and although I feel I am physically fit to get through it I want to make an accountability to get my workouts in to improve my performance.

If I have a plan and write it down… I am more likely to do it. Here are our workout plans for this week!


Monday: Run 1 mile. T25 Lower Focus
Tuesday: T25 Core Cardio
Wednesday: Run 1 mile. Insanity Max Interval Circuit
Thursday: T25 Upper Focus. P90X Ab Ripper X
Friday: Insanity Core Cardio & Balance
Saturday: Run 3 Miles
Sunday: Rest


Monday: P90X Chest & Back
Tuesday: Run 1 mile. Insanity Max Plyo
Wednesday: P90X Core Synergistics
Thursday: Run 2 miles. P90X Ab Ripper X
Friday: Insanity Max Interval Circuit
Saturday: Run 3 miles/Bike 10 miles
Sunday: Rest

What is your weekly plan? Would you like to join one of ours? Comment here and we will help you stay on track!