Where mah morning workout peeps at?

Accountability post: soooo…I started off my week with my FIRST morning workout (trying again) of my new lifestyle-Max 30 cardio challenge is complete! lol …I am DANG determined to make working out in the MORNING part of my routine!! I have been spending time with God and doing personal development every morning for a while now before plugging into anything work related so now i’m throwing in my workout and my shake all before I start my workday so that I can just HAVE IT DONE and start my day on the right foot…plus it will help me from putting MY health off until later which of course as you know something ALWAYS comes up later in the day so yep…this is me putting it out there that I WILL workout every morning 🙂 ahh this scares me lol me distracted

but…This is my PUSH goal…i know that if i can make this happen then a lot of things will line up and all in all I will be happier/healthier and get more stuff DONE! I have put this off long enough….and I know better…i know that it’s usually the ONE thing that you DON’T want to do that you really need to suck it up and do. What is one thing you have been putting off that you KNOW would make you better…set that goal and tackle it today! Whoop! Happy Wednesday friends!

Click my pic to see what all the craze about #imaxedout is about


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