Another day another $ ??!!??!!…

As my week ended on Wednesday it came to me…AH-HA!  I was driving from the beach and I saw a bumper sticker that said “another day another $” and it made me think — I not ONCE over the past year and a half have woke up to say, “UGH! Here we go again!!!”  I never once have said to myself that I HAVE to go to WORK!  I NEVER DREAD MONDAYS or count the hours until at 5.  There is no working myself to death only to receive the same paycheck each week come payday.  I don’t have to rely on my BOSS to give me a raise or see my true potential.  I get to unlock my OWN TRUE potential every single day of my life!  I have this empowered feeling that I have truly never ever felt in my life before.  This sense of control over my own destiny, my own happiness has been completely FREEING.  I am proud to say that I am not “another day another $” type of WOMAN!!!!


Or, the beach, the mall, gymnastics practice, or soccer games. Dinner out. Weekends away. Trips to the Cayman Islands or Cancun… the list is long.

As I sat there thinking more about ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER $, I thought to myself, HOW many PEOPLE right now at this very moment get anxiety when they have to go to work every morning, or every night, maybe 12 hour or 24 hour shifts, whether it’s because they have to leave their kids again at daycare or they are going to a job that belittles them, make them feel worthless or that they have NO passion for?  How many people dream of freedom, dream of happiness, dream of waking up to their own creative thoughts. The thought of working towards someone else’s agenda or dreams just makes you cringe.  Instead think of what it would be like to wake up to build your own dream, your own future and your own HEAVEN!  If any of this right here is speaking to you then I challenge you to think it through.  Get out a piece of paper and write down your dreams, your wants your needs, your NICE TO HAVES.  What makes you feel those butterflies of excitement inside?!  How would you feel if you were able to achieve all those things and more?!

I know you are thinking, gosh this lady is crazy!!  RIGHT?!?!  What the heck is she talking about, following your dreams and creating your own destiny?!?  I mean SERIOUSLY COME ON, that only happens on TV, right?!?!  WRONG!!!  It can happen to you!  Trust me, believe me, it happened to me!


I can’t say it’s been a walk in the park, I can’t say that I don’t sacrifice a little but what I can say is that the sacrifice is WORTH it! The choices I make greatly impacted my family’s life and now that one single sole decision I made over a year ago to order an Insanity challenge pack and become a coach has impacted our lives in so many ways.  As I sat in my living room on the couch filling out the information on my coach’s website I knew in my heart this is what I had to do, but my check book said this was a BAD decision!  We didn’t have fluff in our budget to pay for Shakeology the next month either!  I didn’t know how I was going to make it work, I just knew that I was going to make it work!  Thus began the journey of a thousand miles with a single click of the button!


The journey was tough, there have been tears, a few second guesses, a lot of late nights and a loads of patience, consistency and vision.  But the journey is moving onward, climbing that mountain and success is in the palm of my hand.  I never in a million years imagined that the sequence of events that occurred over the past year would unfold the way that they did.  Most of you read my blog for my fitness and clean eating advice.  But I have accomplished some HUGE milestones I want to reach!  Because of my passion for helping others achieve their health and fitness goals I have set some amazing personal goals, as well.  I visualize my DREAM TEAM and see it 500 coaches strong!!!!  I want to see a domino effect of that one single decision I make that I continue to make daily. Laser beam focus to the goal line. This company has created so many of my fulfilled dreams, combined weight loss goals reached and lives changed than I could ever do alone.  Together as a team we have truly made a life change for so many!

beach run pose pink

Today, I wrote out my goals and stand before you as your mom of 3, your loving girlfriend, your sister, your daughter, your fitness coach, your clean eater, and your Diamond Beachbody Coach! Ready to become a 5 Star Diamond Coach but beside the ranking that I achieve it has nothing to do with my personal sales or what I do individually.  They have everything to do with how well I can lead a team, engage my coaches, create vision, and empower my team to follow their own dreams.  My rank in Beachbody is a direct reflection of my system of duplication, training and efficiency in my work day!  I didn’t start out with the vision of top 10 or super star diamond coach.  I started with the vision of changing 1 person’s life with Beachbody fitness programs and clean eating.  Over time my vision, my goals and dreams naturally evolved into what they are now!  I didn’t get clouded by the what if’s and the if I had done thats.  I just focused on what I could do at every single point in time and that is where I went with it!

So the moral of the story is, if you truly believe in an opportunity and you are feeling called to take action. What the heck are you waiting for?!  The time will never be right, the conditions will never be perfect, but you go with it, embrace change, be fearless and never hold back!  What ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!

BB open house invite epicdreamteam


Being a coach means that you are constantly inviting new people to join your challenges, and get started on your team, searching for those that are JUST like you and that are just as passionate and fearless as the rest!  It means that we find those hidden treasures, we dust them off, polish them and let them shine their light for the rest of the world to see!

What does this mean to you?!?!  If you have ever considered becoming a Beachbody Coach then NOW is the TIME!!!  I am going to be kicking off my Accelerated Coach Apprenticeship Program followed by my Emerald to Diamond Push Group and I am looking for 5 people to join my team!

WANTED COACHES FITNESS 2I am not looking for just any 5 people.  But 5 motivated, driven, passionate, committed people that are willing to take that leap of faith and put their trust in me!  5 people that will know from the bottom of their heart that I have your best interest at heart and that I wouldn’t lead you astray!  I will teach you everything that I have done to build a successful team Beachbody business, as a stay at home mom, in the comfort of my own home.
It’s not another day another $ anymore.  It’s another day another LIFE I can CHANGE!!!!  But it starts with a decision, a decision to trust and follow the process!!!!

Are you ready?  Are you interested in joining our TEAM!?! The energy that emerges from our team calls, our private team page are just mind blowing!  We keep you on track with your health and fitness and with your finances to!  Its GO time!!!

Want more information first?  Check out this video about how you can build your DREAM BUSINESS!

and leave your name and email so we can set up a chat 🙂


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