Week 1 – 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

I’ve been posting about my love for the 21 Day Fix meal plan on my Facebook page a lot!  I just can’t help it, I’m love with the whole thing.  It just makes a ton of sense to me!

It’s not that I wasn’t eating healthy before…I just wasn’t eating the correct portion and balance of foods for me and my body’s needs.  This program is basically fool proof.  If you follow the guide book and stick to the list of foods, you can’t lose!  You WILL see results.

What I like most about it is NO MORE MEASURING and NO MORE COUNTING!!  I really hated logging into MyFitnessPal each day and manually typing in every. single. thing. I. ate. that. day.  Boring.  I have nothing against MFP, I think it’s a wonderful site, but to keep that up for months at a time gets to be a bit much.  Instead, I just fill up my containers with the approved foods and I know that it’s exactly how much I should be eating for my calorie range.  Simple. And I’ve noticed that my body has a much better system of regulating when I’m full.  I know exactly when to stop eating.

DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY: 21 day fix meal plan week 1

21 day fix meal plan

I get asked all the time about what a grocery list should like; what types of foods should you buy.  While I can’t list EVERYTHING you need here, I’m going to give you some suggestions based on what you should be eating on a daily basis for the Fix.


lean chicken or turkey breast
fish like salmon and tilapia
lean ground turkey
pork tenderloin
plain Greek yogurt

Turkey bacon is on the approved list, but I stay away from meat like that is it’s very high in sodium and you can retain a lot of water when you eat it.



Of course there are many more, but these are some of my favorites.


1/2 banana

Notice it says 1/2 a banana??!  Bananas are higher in starch, so that is why a little goes a long way.

Complex Carbs:

yams and sweet potatoes
brown rice
rolled oats (NOT instant)
whole wheat bread
whole wheat tortilla

There are also things like whole wheat waffles, pancakes, crackers, etc.  For me, these are not part of my diet as I prefer to eat Ezekiel bread as it’s lower in carbs and easier to digest and I also like brown rice tortillas.  However, if you are just starting and want to include those things, go ahead…baby steps, right?!

Healthy Fats:

raw nuts
natural nut butter
goat cheese
coconut oil

This is the category I would usually eat too much of in the past!  Cutting down on these foods and also eliminating cheese and dairy from my diet has helped me tremendously.  Cheese makes me really bloated, and I’ve noticed that is gone now since eliminating it and also since switching to a vegan protein drink.

A list of other ingredients I use frequently:

Shakeology! My clinically proven daily dose of dense nutrition!

chia seeds
unsweetened almond milk
lemons for my water
raw honey

April May 2014 238

If you would like more support in your 21 day fix journey or you would like to start your 21 day fix journey please leave your name and email address for info on my next 21 day fix challenge!


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