Recovered Addict: The truth behind how I kicked Diet Pepsi

Recovered Addict: The truth behind how I kicked Diet Pepsi

Hi, my name is Tawnya and it has been 542 days since my last DIET PEPSI!!!

It is NO EXAGGERATION to call myself a RECOVERED DIET PEPSI-AHOLIC! I was the girl that drank one or two with my meals… I was the girl that had to crack one by noon or I would have a migraine by 1pm! I was the girl that fantasized about the BURN that you get in the back of your throat from drinking it! LOL! (I KNOW my fellow DP’ers know what I am talking about!!!)

It was ridiculous and completely out of CONTROL!


I was introduced to Shakeology and at the time I had 15 pounds to lose and was going to try it for 30 days to see if it helped me lose weight. I still in the back of my mind though, eh, I’ll still drink my diet pepsi. Others before me stated they just kicked it. But I knew that wasn’t me. I NEED MY CAFFEINE and ASPARTAME! (LOL… SO RIDIC to me now looking back!)

Little did I know, starting my fitness journey would be the END of my DP ADDICTION! Strangely enough, I haven’t had ONE SINGLE CRAVING SINCE!!! Wait… I will admit maybe one! I was briefly distracted during a treat meal and thought I’d have a sip of a friends and lo & behold IT DID NOTHING FOR ME!

ANYWAY! If any of you are dealing with this same addiction, I would HIGHLY suggest giving 30 days to Shakeology some consideration! Not only will you lose weight and feel INCREDIBLE at the end… You just may kick some BAD HABITS at the same time!!!

Sooooo THANKFUL I did!!!


Comment here or Friend me on Facebook for how to get started!


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