Shed some light on Salt

THE SALTY TRUTH – Himalayan Pink Rock Salt


Are you human? If you are, then there are definitely times that you crave something sweet, and then there are times when you want something truly salty.  Does that mean you should mindlessly indulge in ice cream and potato chips alternating sweet and salty?  NO WAY!!!

You invest the effort in making smart choices and sticking to the healthier side of cravings (no regrets that way!).  Where to start when you need the salt? Himalayan Pink Rock Salt.

Ironically within my weight loss programs, one item I actually ask you to limit/eliminate from your diet is one of the “whites” – refined white table salt.  And maybe you thought it was simply because of the extra sodium, but really it has much more to do with eliminating nutritionally empty foods from your diet!

 Why do I consider refined white table salt nutritionally empty?

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 2.37.27 PMI consider ‘table salt’ nutritionally empty because it’s a random add-on that’s been stripped of the full spectrum of minerals (more on this later).  White table salt is not a food that serves to enhance your health, it’s been industrially processed and is simply sodium chloride in its simplest form.

Doesn’t that sound appetizing? SODIUM CHLORIDE?

To metabolize these crystals, your body has to expend tremendous amounts of energy; this is completely counter-productive to establishing a healthy balance. Your body requires salt to function – it’s responsible for helping to control blood pressure, aiding our nervous system in transmitting messages (electrical impulses), and carrying nutrients into our cells.

Unfortunately, the sodium your body requires and is able to metabolize is probably currently obtained from whatever natural food sources you have in your diet, and often in inadequate amounts.  The bottom line: the salt deposits in our bodies are isolated and dead.

But what about SEA SALT?

Maybe you’ve gone grocery shopping and seen “Sea Salt” on the shelves as an alternative to table salt? In the interest of improving your nutritional habits, you may have bought it to replace what’s usually in your salt shaker.  Unfortunately this too is another marketing trend that doesn’t necessarily add to the nutritional value of your meal. You’re not getting anything but a higher price tag in switching to Sea Salt. The first clue is to look at the color. Full spectrum salt isn’t naturally white. The more refined it gets, the whiter it gets, and Sea Salt is no exception. Sea Salt may contain more vital minerals than table salt, but those minerals require a tremendous amount of energy from the body to be absorbed, and the nutritional gain is eliminated.

MOST sea salt today is processed. And, the ocean is becoming increasingly polluted which is ANOTHER reason this “sea salt” is not ideal.

The better choice is Himalayan Pink Rock Salt.

Himalayan pink rock salt - phreshThis is a pure and unrefined salt option that contains 84 minerals and trace elements that are easily metabolized by the body.  Typical table salt has most all of the beneficial minerals stripped away.

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt provides you with the salty effect that you’re craving and releases energy into your system at the same time! If you’re going to use ingredients in your cooking, make sure that they are all worth it.

This is a product that has a years-long shelf life (as long as it’s kept cool and dry) and that provides your body with the minerals it needs to keep both cravings for salt and cravings for junk food at bay.

Check out  under “pHresh Salt” for a terrific option. You’ll read about how it enhances the immune system, supports respiratory function, helps to stabilize heart rate and blood pressure, helps to restore cellular pH balance, helps increase bone strength, promotes sinus health, extracts excess acidity in the body, and promotes natural electrical conductivity in the body. I love some of the additional suggestions offered on this web site, including bathing and nasal washes.

An important note: Our body NEEDS neutral, unrefined salt with minerals to function properly. Salt is essential and you can’t live without it.

Some benefits of Himalayan pink rock salt include

  • Helps restore cellular pH balanceHimalayan pink rock salt
  • Extracts excess acidity in our bodies
  • promotes sinus health
  • helps increase bone strength
  • helps stabilize heart rate and blood pressure

If you’re using a seasoning, understand WHY you’re using it and HOW it makes you feel. Try substituting Himalayan Pink Rock Salt for regular table salt and see if you notice a difference.


Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 12.37.17 PM

I hope that helps to shed some light on the differences between the 3 most popular kinds of salt.


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