Find the Opportunities


ImageOpportunities: Find the opportunities in difficulties and not the difficulties in opportunities. No matter how bad a situation appears, there is always a positive resulting opportunity if you look for it. It is up to YOU, not someone else, to find that opportunity and decide to make things positive.

Solutions: There is a solution for EVERYONE. You can live with your excuses or you can find solutions. It IS black and white. There is NO grey area. There is a working formula for everyone and there is no exception to the rule.  There is always a solution. You may  just need to think outside of the box or ask for help to find it.

Choice: It is no one else’s fault that you are not where you want to be in life. You make choices every step of the way and you decide every moment to go left or right. No one force feeds you junk food. No one makes all of your decisions for you all of the time.  No matter how bad your situation is, you can control your reaction to things or your attitude about them. This is all up to you.

Success: Sure, it may be harder and more difficult for some and easier for others. Life isn’t always fair but get over it! Figure out a way to make things work for you. There is ALWAYS a formula for success. The stories go both ways. There are stories of those who seem to have black clouds follow them around all of the time and chose to be miserable and there are stories of those who beat the odds and wow the world despite misfortune and bad luck. Be the second one.

You chose every single day to be optimistic or pessimistic and you can always control your attitude. It is no one else’s fault. Stop blaming, start working for things and get over yourself and get over your excuses. If you need help, don’t be miserable, don’t complain, don’t put down and insult others for living their best life. Congratulate them and ask them for help.

Excuses or solutions… you decide. ❤


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