You so totally Rock!


Remember when we were kids? We thought we “rocked” all the time!  We thought we were great singers, dancers, artists, or athletes.  We thought we were “beautiful” and smart…and NOBODY could tell us otherwise!

Twirling and Dancing…EEEEKS!  In public!

We were so confident that we would sing out loud in public, even dance and twirl in the middle of the day with not a care in the world. We dressed how we FELT like dressing and we paid no attention to what others thought about our outfits.

We were present and lived in the moment.  We did exactly as we wanted to do without a single thought to what others might think.  We paid no attention to the “fashion rules of the season”, and we certainly didn’t worry if something matched or looked right together. We brushed our hair and styled it how we felt…even if that meant 15 different colored ribbons or berets!

Sparkly shoes that were FLAT!

We wore shoes that were comfortable and because we liked them- not because we were trying to make our legs look better or to look taller. Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 2.38.17 PM

We enjoyed our food without counting fat, calories, or carbs.

We didn’t worry about our actions of the moment causing regret later. We lived for the moment and enjoyed every bit of it with curiosity and enjoyment.

Our cell phones didn’t distract us because they didn’t exist yet!  No e-mail notifications to interrupt the day, because the only mail we knew was delivered once a day!

We lived in the moment and felt confident all of the time. We were FREE to be who we felt like being.

Then we start to ‘care’

How sad it is that this all changes as we enter teen years and then adulthood.  The opinions of others start to matter to, and sadly,  that ends up changing us. We let the priorities of society and other people start to distract us from being present and enjoying the moment like we did as kids.

One of my friends little girls drew this while she was over at the house last week right before putting on her dance and singing show for me in her pajamas.  She didn’t have a care in the world except for putting on a show for us.

I told her that she DOES “rock”!!  Some day in the future when someone tells her she doesn’t…I hope she remembers how free it felt to be herself and doesn’t listen.

Be present.  Enjoy life.  Cherish time with family and friends.


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