Your diet isn’t working…

Your diet isn’t working. You are exercising, you are counting calories, you are pre-measuring your food but it just feels like it isn’t happening fast enough! You are tempted to listen to that advertisement you just saw and drop big dollars on pills that are promising fast fat loss! You are considering signing up for that costly spa treatment that promises to “melt fat” and get you “thin quick!” You may even pick up a jar of that expensive cream that promises to “rid your body of cellulite” Before you decide that your diet isn’t working and sign up for those expensive treatments take a look at these facts:

It is all MATH and this is a fact. It takes 3500 calories to lose one lb of fat. In order to lose 2 lbs a week you need to burn or deplete 7000 calories. 2 lbs a week may not seem like a lot but that is 104 lbs in a YEAR! WOW… when you lose more then 2 lbs a week you are tapping into water and muscle and it is not a long term solution…

Starvation and severe calorie restriction will not work. If you eat too little and too infrequently you will slow down your metabolism and train your body to STORE fat. It is best to spread out your meals into 5-6 mini meals to feed your body and rev your metabolism regularly. It is very dangerous to go under 1200 calories a day ever. Eating this little puts your body in starvation mode and teaches it to store fat.

Output must exceed input! If you eat more calories then you BURN you WILL GAIN weight… If calories in exceed calories out you will gain weight. PERIOD. YES you should be eating protein, healthy carbohydrates, and healthy fats but PORTIONS still matter. Too many calories of ANY type of food will cause you to gain weight.

LIES. If it sounds too good to be true then it IS too good to be true. The only way to LOSE FAT and to keep it off is to WORKOUT HARD and EAT CLEAN. Body wraps, cellulite reduction cream, gimmicky food restriction diets, juice fast, pills that promise things will all help you lose WATER WEIGHT and MUSCLE but will NOT help you lose fat….!

You have to SWEAT. I know what the magazines say. Long walks in the park, doing laundry and household chores, lifting your groceries are all exercise. I call BS. Unless you are working out with intensity and sweat you will not make changes to your body.

You have to do the work! Excuses or Solutions…YOU Decide

Are you ready to JUMP START your weight loss in a healthy, safe, long-term way? Then look HERE for women, HERE for men… all it takes is a good college try!!


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