Be In The Balcony

What do you see?

What do you see first when you look at this image? bikini models

Do you see the beach?
The boat?
The equipment?
The model?
The ocean?
Do you notice the photographer taking the image?
What sort of feelings does this image create?

Does it make you relaxed, happy, or motivated? Or does it make you angry, annoyed, critical that YOU can’t be relaxed, happy, motivated, thin… whatever..?

Do you feel inclined to say “great shot” or to write something mean and hurtful?  If the latter, why?

It is JUST an image.

A funny thing happens with social media and other online avenues. Pictures get posted, statuses and descriptions get written, and EVERYONE views the image, statement, hashtags differently.

Some people get inspired, while others feel the need to blast away with mean spirited words they would NEVER say to someones face.


Where do you reside? Balcony or Basement?

Personally, I choose to seek out and associate with ‘balcony people’ in this world.

There are more than enough people who want to climb to great heights, support others and cheer them on along the way.  These people are in stark contrast to those that only want to drag others down.

It’s up to YOU whether you decide to be in the BALCONY to those around you, or in the BASEMENT.  Just realize that that whatever you choose to be, you will attract more of the same.

Be Positive, Be Happy, Be Supportive


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