What do you love about yourself?

“I hate my thighs…”

“I am fat…”

“I am lazy…”

“I will never be XYZ…”

Does that little voice in your head say things like that to you everyday?

If you are like many of us, it just might.  But I’m going to show you how to turn that around!

Here is a question for you… What do you LOVE about yourself?

April May 2014 775We spend so much time focusing on flaws and critiquing ourselves that no WONDER we feel discouraged and fail to become our best selves.

“What do you LOVE about yourself?”

I posted this question on Instagram last week and I just loved the thread.

You know what you DON’T like because you remind yourself daily. Your friends and family know also what you “don’t like” because you tell them all of the time what you don’t like!

Everyone, including YOU,  has something they LOVE and everyone has a TALENT.

So here is a challenge for you… What do you LOVE about yourself? 

Is it your waist?  Your smile?  Your eyes?  Your sense of humor?  Your knack for making friends?  Your ability to sing?

What is it that you LOVE about yourself?

Everyone has SOMETHING they love about themselves!

Focus on making what you love about yourself shine brighter and let go of the self hate and actively looking for what is wrong. What you focus on most will always expand, so choose to focus on what you love!


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