Summer 21 Day Fix Challenge


I am SO proud of these pictures!

Doesn’t it make you want to give them a big giant HUG for accomplishing something “TOUGH” ??!?

These are the girls I am looking for.

The ones who think WEIGHT LOSS or confidence in their own skin is a very DISTANT concept. The ones who think they have to feel uncomfortable forever because they “just can’t lose weight.”

I’m looking for them because I USE TO BE THEM!

Are you someone who would be SO PROUD of yourself if you dropped 10-15lbs? It’s not really about the actual POUNDS as it is about how you feel at your current weight — it’s just not good.

Can you relate?

You need to join me in my Summer Challenge. Seriously. You do. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Why 10-15lbs? Because that’s the place I often find myself … when I get a little LAZY…. a lot less intentional in my meal planning, and just need a little encouragement and accountability.

I was VERY doubtful that a 21 Day HOME workout program would make me lose the inches I lost and more so I was doubtful that the stubborn number on the scale would move.


21 Day FIX is my VERY favorite program.

Its short & sweet.
You eat normal food.
You don’t have to guess and spend HOURS meal prepping.

It’s simple. It’s fun.

You have one on one support, a FUN group, nutrition tips and meal ideas, you WILL tone and tighten your body in 30 minutes a day — for 21 DAYS total!

I only have 2 spots left so hurry up and apply!

My goal is to use YOUR before & after pictures here to help encourage OTHER women!

The women you see here in this picture — those results were ALL accomplished with a Beachbody HOME workout + Shakeology!

If you want to be considered for one of my spots: apply here:


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