3 Day Fix Results are IN!

imageSo you know I just completed my 3 Day cleanse on Wednesday and lost a total of 4.2 pounds! #whoopwhoop I had been on a spiral of eating like a crazy person. Not that anything was tremendously bad for me. I wasn’t driving through ordering Big Macs and large fries or anything.  Just TOO MUCH of a good thing. Extra honey on my greek yogurt, homemade macaroni salad, peanut butter on everything kind of eating. I was inconsistently doing my workouts and not getting enough sleep. So I’m telling you all of this because sometimes it’s easy to look at someone else and think they must have it easier than you, or they LIKE to workout, or they have TIME to meal prep, etc.

I can tell you right now that working out is not my intrinsic priority. I don’t wake up in the morning DYING to get my workout in. I know that working out is good for me, keeps me healthy, makes my skin glow, makes me a better ME for my family, and gets me into the clothes I like to wear. But, that doesn’t mean I’m perfect, or have rock hard abs, or that I spend 4 hours in the gym.

Anyway, back to the FIX! So I decided once I CLEANSED my system of the coffee creamer, peanut butter, and macaroni salad that I wasn’t going back! It was time for me to commit whole-heartedly to GET IN SHAPE! I’ve been “in shape” before. I had amazing results from Insanity last year and once I grasped onto the idea of eating clean because abs are built in the kitchen I saw remarkable results from TurboFire and T25. But I was missing something. I wasn’t staying true to consistent workouts and I wasn’t keeping track of the food I was eating. You slip a few times and then all of a sudden it’s that full blow spiral I just told you about.

FIX RESULTS 06 01 2014

So Thursday morning I started Celebrity Trainer, Autumn Calabrese’s, 3 day quick fix and by Saturday morning I lost an additional 1.8 pounds to it a grand total of 6 POUNDS IN 6 DAYS!!

Disclaimer: Not everyone will see the same results and this is not a sustainable meal plan for continued weightloss. It’s meant to detox, cleanse, recharge, (and for me — kickstart my next set of goals for my body composition).

I’m hosting my first set of 3 Day Fixers in the next few weeks to do the same and I will probably keep a running list for my next test group so if you want to find out more leave me your contact info:

If you would like me to train you on the full 21 Day Fix Program head over to the 21 DAY FIX TEAM to get all of the deets and leave your contact info their to join!!

In this WITH you!




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