Hold Tight to Your Dreams

Do you daydream? Do you stop and wish? Hope for? dream

What is one thing you want in your life soooo bad that you are afraid to say it out loud?

Can you pinpoint why it seems so scary? Or daunting?

I used to be afraid to dream. There was a time I didn’t know how I was going to pay my electric bill. So why bother dreaming, right?

WRONG!! That’s when you need to DREAM BIG! If you’ve hit rock bottom that’s a great place to build a foundation!!

Maybe you already have everything you’ve ever dreamed of? If that’s you, what next? Will you use your good fortune to help others? Will you set out to find a new dream?

I made a dream board this time last year and even while I was doing it I thought, ppsshhh… yah right. Hahaha these kinds of dreams are only accomplished by the fortunate ones. The ones that already have a plan and are set up with everything they need to succeed.


Dreams can come true when you are willing to stay up late, sacrifice the perks, give up your idea of what’s possible or impossible, dedicate yourself to helping others, and push through every failure.

In the last year I achieved 8 of the 10 dreams I put on my dream board. Do you know I don’t even focus on the 2 I missed! Making 8 of them makes me feel like I didn’t DREAM BIG ENOUGH!! Dude! I SWAM WITH STINGRAYS IN THE CAYMANS!!! That wasn’t EVEN ON my dream board in 2013!!!

I made my new DREAM BOARD. dreamboard 2014


I challenge you to do the same and keep it somewhere you can see it everyday. I used picmonkey to make mine but, you can use anything, an app on your phone, Oprah.com, your own cut and paste from magazines version, write a goals list, whatever motivates you. I would LOVE to see what makes your eyes shine with excitement of what’s to come!! And I would LOVE even more for you to share this with your loved ones and encourage them to make one too!!!

Dream until your dreams come true..


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