Get on your Summer Slimdown!

summer slimdown beforeIt’s TIME to FOCUS! Get on your #summerslimdown with Momma T!!

We have so many environmental and physical stressors in life, some you don’t even recognize. Even your wifi is letting out extra-sensory inhibitors into your body that are felt at a molecular level.

And we haven’t even covered that last bout with flaming hot cheetos you had last weekend 😉

My choice is Shaun T’s Focus T25. I want ABS! BAD! I want a rock hard six pack and a booty you can bounce a quarter off of.

I also have a group getting on the cleanse and detox train with the Ultimate Reset with Carl Daikeler and his wife, Isabelle.

What’s your goal this summer? Find me on Facebook and tag me in your #summerslimdown post for your chance to win a FREE Shako sampler!

To find out how to make your new years resolutions come true leave me your info below:


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