21 Day Fix – Round 1

Phew!! I knew it wouldn’t be easy to change how I was eating but boy was it enlightening!!!

I was eating at least 2 servings at one sit21 day fix round 1 resultsting of carbs, at least!! Ha! I eat “healthy” at every meal but portion size was certainly my downfall.

With 21 Day Fix I have learned what is a proper serving withing my calorie range without having to log calories or count points. I just put the food in the corresponding color and voila!! Easy Peasy!!

And don’t even get me started on the workouts! I seriously sweat and they go by in a breeze!! 30 minutes is all you need!!

21 Day Fix has also shown me a love for Pilates. I thought I wasn’t a fan from a class I took years ago but it turns out Autumn Calabrese turned me around with her fun and challenging Pilates fitness program.

These results are 3 weeks in – I lost 3 pounds and 2 inches. I plan on crushing this next round so I’m BEACHBODY ready for my Royal Caribbean cruise to Cozumel & Grand Cayman in T-11 days!!!!!

If you would like information on my next challenge training I will teach you how to meal plan by portioning your meals, workout for 30 minutes a day, and lose weight/get healthy. Fill out the contact form for all the deets.


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