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relationship mad

Hahahaha! This was me last night. Moms, do you ever just wanna scream? Back from baseball, 7pm, dirty house, screaming kids, one kid sick, no dinner prepped or planned, miscommunications with your spouse/bf… I tried counting backwards but when from 10 wasn’t working I lost count from 300….

In those moments I try to be patient and breathe but, why does it all fall on our shoulders? No dinner ready. Ok my fault!? An attempt from the bf to help with dinner #fail. That’s my fault too because I said it twice in a phone call instead of texting the two item grocery list. Dirty house. Yah, that’s on me as well!?

I’m sorry. Help me to understand? Help me, help you. If it’s a partnership, both should work together to MAKE IT WORK. Not throw our hands up and say oh well, F*q it all. Moms can’t do that either. I had to stay in the kitchen, make dinner, feed the starving munchkins, and clean the kitchen. Stewing.

Does your partner jump in and catch you when you’re falling? Or let you you hit the ground? We all make mistakes. React sometimes. Lose our patience. I always hope in those moments of weakness I have a partner that will pick right up and save the day.

My reaction: Irritated, disgruntled, unappreciated, and stay mad.

My reflection: take a deep breath, roll with the punches, and move on from the matter.

How do you handle household stresses? Let’s hear it!


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