Meal Prep Monday

Want to eat clean? Not sure where to start? You need my How To Get Through Your First Meal Prep Monday! When I first started it took me almost a whole day to grocery shop, prep, cook, cool, and store my meals for the week. But now a few months in it takes about 4 hours and saves soooo much time, money, and weight gain from making the wrong choices in a pinch!mealprepmondayThis is the most absolute basic plan. It’s on the bland side and it will kick start your body into craving what it needs instead of what it wants. If cravings are your weakness you gotta try Shakeology! It is my favorite 100% natural all your fruits and veggies with 70+ super foods daily dose of dense nutrition. You will think you are getting a cheat in every meal plan with Shako! And the beauty of Shako is because it gives your body every vitamin, mineral, nutrient, and bodily necessity… all of a sudden, your body doesn’t CRAVE food and cheats anymore. You don’t hanker for that piece of chocolate cake, you will just stop drinking Diet Pepsi, you won’t remember the last time you NEEDED to cheat.

So here it is! Your grocery shopping and meal plan as pictured above:

This is a sample list of the last meal prep session:

3 broccoli crowns (steamed)

1 bag fresh green beans (steamed)

1 bag baby carrots (blanched)

1 bundle fresh asparagus (blanched)

1 bag whole grain rotini (boiled)

Large container strawberries (sliced)

6 bananas (sliced)

1 pineapple (sliced)

1 bag red grapes (whole)

8 chicken breasts (baked, grilled, broiled)

I wash all the fruits and veggies while I’m boiling my pasta and cooking chicken. All of the food is prepared al dente so it doesn’t get mushy.

I use a big steamer basket to steam my veggies one batch at a time.

After you are done cooking the food let it cool properly before putting it in your containers.

The key to keep the bananas from browning is to use the juice of the pineapple to toss around the container. The acid keeps them fresh.

I’ve never written this down before now so let me know if you have any questions or I need to clarify anything!!!

Also worth noting is that the new 21 DAY FIX is a full use container system for portion control that makes meal prep a BREEZE! No scale, weighing your food, counting calories, or points. It’s changing EVERYONE’S idea of “dieting” If it fits in the container you can eat it all!! No counting points or calories!! I CANNOT BEGIN TO TELL YOU THE RESULTS WE’VE BEEN SEEING WITH THE FIX!!!!!!  I run a private FB group every month to support you through the program.


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