After a year of eating clean…

My kids and DBF tend to look through our kitchen and pantry now to see that “there is nothing to eat.” And they are right. There are very few “ready to eat” items. We don’t have cheetos, goldfish, cookies, candy, or any other processed foods really to speak of. Unless you want carrots, multi-grain tortilla chips, nuts, hard-boiled egg, an apple, etc.

Right now I’m making Aden quinoa with a chicken tenderloin that he will adore (and I hide chia seeds & finely chopped spinach in it). I’m also making quinoa patties with jalapeno, spinach, and seasonings to go with the extra chicken I’m prepping for the boys to eat tonight so mommy can go on a much needed mani-pedi date ❤

I started this journey a year ago this month. Removing the dangers and diseases that come along with white sugar, processed flour, preservative-filled foods, and added chemicals & colorings. We basically never eat fast food. And, we’ve added so many healthy colors into our diet over the last 12 months.

It’s not always easy and I will honestly tell you that we do on occasion still indulge in all the yummy goodness of a roll of pillsbury cinnamon rolls or a box of Kraft Mac n Cheese. I never expect perfection. Even from myself.

But what is incredibly amazing is how I FEEL! I have more energy, sleep better, and (knock on wood) despite everyone else falling down around me with flus, colds, and zombie apocalypse I’M STANDING STRONG! And that’s one thing I could NEVER say before. I used to get sick often and for long spans of time. I also have the strength and energy to get through my workouts. I used to get tired halfway through or not want to finish but now I breeze through and I’m pleasantly surprised when time’s up.shakeology button

I understand the coaching aspect isn’t for everyone. And nobody wants to feel SOLD, but I’m honestly IN LOVE with Beachbody and EVERY product we provide is at a level of excellence that you surely CANNOT find in the fast food lane or middle grocery store aisle.

There is no better daily dose of dense nutrition. It’s simply the most delicious, superfood-packed protein shake on the planet. #theend ❤


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