Shakeology changed the way I view FOOD

I was having a great convo with a friend this morning about Shakeology, and it occurred to me that there are some that need to adjust to the taste. But then, I took it even a step further to just really learn something that is clear.

You see, we live in a world where everything is artificial. 90% of what the average American eats is modified. I mean A WHOLE lot of that shopping cart they take to the checkout stand is not real food . So, our taste buds are conditioned to ‘less than’ food or food like products. Even some kids prefer Velveeta over real, organic, non-messed with cheese, or they want Sunny Delight over real, fresh squeezed OJ.

Shakeology, especially Tropical Strawberry, is my favorite. And it is nothing short of wonder nutrition; from spirulina, to chlorella, to wheatgrass, to acai, and the list goes on. Even back in the super ancient days, Egyptians ate spirulina as their form of protein. (For real dude!) So, getting back to good is going to take some time and adjustment for the person wanting to get healthy and change their habits.

Ensure, Slimfast, and all those other ‘health shakes’ are merely constructed for fast profit and superb marketing. And the cheap construction of those is made to have you hooked on what we already are hooked on, sugar and artificial flavorings.

Yup, Shakeology is real, honest to goodness nutrition. And as your body becomes more alkalinized and healthy, pretty soon those other ‘foods’ will taste like plastic, paper and chemicalsImage




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