Holiday Eating vs. Weekend Binging

found 5 pounds

It’s no surprise that holiday feasts often bring expanding waistlines, but a new study finds that weekend eating can also be a cause for concern.

While holiday grubbing may be bad for your diet, over-eating on the weekend may be just as detrimental because there’s a lot more weekends than there are holidays. Some people chow down more calories on Saturday and Sunday than on a typical weekday.
Start thinking about your eating habits on a weekly basis rather than day-by-day.

One way to deter weekend binging is to keep track of your caloric intake throughout the week and “bank” calories for the weekend. If you know you want a latte and chocolate muffin on Saturday morning then don’t eat that baked potato with the works on Wednesday night.

I try to practice sensible eating 80% of the time which usually works out to one “treat meal” and one “treat dessert” each week. Tom and I tend to enjoy a few cocktails throughout the week or weekend as well so I keep track of that too.

When I’m in weightloss mode I track about 10,500 calories per week. That number is different for everyone though. To find your daily caloric intake takes a number of factors like height, weight, age, fitness level, etc. Join for your own FREE Team Beachbody account to track your progress too.



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