Recipe – Mahi-Mahi Mini Tostadas

I am all in for fast and cheap when it comes to a quick meal after school all day, work, soccer, piano and before 4H meetings. But it cannot be FAST FOOD (yuck) or CHEAP INGREDIENTS (blah).

My absolute FAVORITE thing to do when I need a FAST & INEXPENSIVE meal is to pop in to my local Trader Joes and go to the demo booth. Whatever they have served up as a hot and ready sample is what we grab and go. It’s SOOO EASY because ALL OF YOUR DINNER INGREDIENTS are RIGHT THERE beside their tasting booth. I swear they are genius!

Do you still have to go home and prepare it? Yes. Are the recipes simple? So easy my 11 year old can make dinner. What if I don’t like what they are serving? Too bad. Do it anyway. I guarantee you will still feel better after your meal than if you cave and eat at McDonalds!

Today’s Catch of the Day:

Mahi-Mahi Mini Tostadas

mahi mahi tostadas

I wish I could present you with a better picture but this is literally the best I could do before my family devoured them!!!


Corn & Wheat Tortillas

Mahi-Mahi Burgers


Salsa Homestyle Especial Mild


Red Fox Sharp Cheddar

(and I used coconut oil to fry up the patties and the tortillas)

I fed my family of 5.


And that includes leftover cheese, cabbage and salsa for another mini-meal or snack throughout this week. I’m always so happy and proud when I’ve burnt the drive-thru existence and shown my kids how easy it is to eat well (and clean).

So amazingly delicious! If you don’t try this recipe, spin the dice and see what your local TJ’s has in store for you on a busy weeknight! We have never been disappointed!


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