Working from home + Helping others = Truly blessed beyond measure

INCREDIBLE!!! If you would have told me in January that I would be in the list of the Top 500 BEACHBODY COACHES out of 130,000 COACHES…I would have told you that you might need medication!

It is so amazing that the work I do helping others is changing my own life, my path, my dreams, what I want, and who I want to become.

I’ll admit, I’ve had doubts. I’ve stopped and started. Life gets in the way. I sometimes take for granted the money I see adding up from residual sales and think I have so far to go to really “make it.”

But the reality is I work with a company that has my best interest at heart. I have the luxury of working with those I love dearly like Jeri Bagdons Sousa, Jayme Jones, Carrie Glenn, Pamela Blythe, Tom Sorenson, and Kristi L. Curtis. The focus of Beachbody is health and wellness oriented. They put all the science and research behind us to really offer something that will increase and improve your life span. And, I’m realizing… your bank account. Carl Daikeler & Jon Congdon were amazingly gracious when I met them in Las Vegas this year and set me on a path of total wholehearted belief in Beachbody and Ending the Trend of obesity!

problems v dreams

We have all been trained and lied to for years. There is no “golden years” when you bust your butt for 40-50 of them only to realize you still may have a passport you’ve never used, no legacy to leave your children, or dreams you’ve never reached.

I realized today I need to stop focusing so hard on what I haven’t done within this company to really enjoy what I HAVE DONE! My heart is so full in the lives I’ve seen changed. And today as I read my Elite Status report I was in shock and awe of how truly blessed I really am.

I started this with the intent of completing Insanity and getting my Shakeology paid for. Truth is… I did that within the first 60 days.


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